Wychem celebrates 50 years!

Wychem was started as a chemical manufacturing business by Geoffrey Fuller, a 26 year old chemist in 1968.

The first products were made in a small building adjacent to where our offices are currently situated, these reactions used molten potassium hydroxide and the first distillations were for use by the Newmarket horse racing industry. Wychem incorporated as a Limited Company a year later on 13th June 1969 - early customers included Boots and Coates.

Our factory (a former RAF gymnasium and Chapel) was purchased in the local pub for £1200 cash in 1970. Our first reactor (a 220lt unit) was purchased and production was underway. By 1972, there were 4 employees.

David Bush, General Manager at Wychem comments;

"Wychem has a reputation for halogenation based on five decades of research and manufacturing experience. We are proud to be one of the very few companies who have been in the chemical industry under the same brand name for so long."


Pharmaceutical intermediates were the cornerstone of the business in the early years - as they are now.


Wychem Company Brochure - 1975


Dr Tony Webb and Brian Church at work in the Research Lab - 1975


Distillation via a 50l high vacuum fractational plant, of particular interest to customers wishing to have high value essential oils purified - 1975


Analytical laboratory for purity and structure determination testing - 1975


Back in 1968, Geoffrey could not have guessed how the world would change in the next 50years. Without computers or email, daily notes were jotted in hardback books.

This page from 21st May 1971 shows 2,4,6-Triodophenol, a product we manufacture regularly to this day.

Our grateful thanks to Geoffrey Fuller for retaining the fascinating books, literature and notes covering the first 10 years of the company.


Wychem 50 years on...

Wychem now employs 26 people and exports products worldwide. Pharmaceutical intermediates continue to be the cornerstone of our business. David comments;

"Our vision is to continue to grow the Company for the next 50 years.

We are delighted to have received permission to construct new warehouse for the storage of materials at our factory site as required by our growth strategy and we have also marked our 50th Anniversary by consolidating our brand identity and refreshing the company logo and website. Long standing customers will recognise elements of our new logo from those we've used previously, updated and formalised into our bold new design across all of our marketing and communications.

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