We have been manufacturing fine chemical compounds in the UK for more than 50 years.

Our small, highly skilled team is flexible, responsive and adaptive to customer requirements.

We combine classical organic chemical synthesis technologies with specialised reaction capabilities based upon our core halogenation competences.

Research & Development

✓ A modern and fully equipped Research & Development laboratory

✓ 5% of revenue reinvested in R&D every year

✓ Equipped for solids and liquids

✓ Equipment capability from labs, through kilo lab to full scale commercial plant on the same site, our offer encompasses grams to tons.

Our Factory

✓ R&D laboratory

✓ Pilot/Small scale kilo laboratory

✓ 18m3 of glass lined reactors, ranging from 135-2250L

✓ Centrifuge and filtration isolation equipment

✓ Distillation

✓ Ventilated oven drying capacites

✓ QC laboratory

glass lined reactors up to 2250L
wychem factory

C-C Coupling Reactions

✓ Our high quality substituted iodo and bromo-aromatic compounds are especially suited for C-C coupling reactions.

Side Chain Bromination

Innovative expertise has been more recently been developed in free radical side chain bromination.

We provide a comprehensive range of almost 2000 aromatic compounds via

✓ Halogenation
✓ UV Bromination
✓ Diazotization
✓ Oxydation
✓ Reduction
✓ Esterification

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