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About us

Founded in 1968, Wychem is a speciality fine chemical company providing a comprehensive range of more than 1000 aromatics.

Reasons to choose us;

Our expertise

With more than 5o years experience in the development and operation of robust chemical manufacturing processes, Wychem is committed to sustainable quality throughout its operations. This is evidenced by the expertise developed and established through technology and the experience engendered from a loyal and skilled work force.

Our products

Wychem products are widely used in pharmaceutical, electronics and other specialised industrial market applications. In addition to our own extensive product range, we are actively engaged in custom manufacture for which we invite your enquiries on a confidential basis.

Commitment to quality

Wychem operates to strict quality procedures - we are ISO 9001:2015 Accredited.

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We operate with discretion and confidentiality. Please contact us for more information.

wychem accredited ISO 9001


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