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A Fine Chemical Manufacturer

We efficiently combine 50 years of experience, several technologies and a strong know-how in aromatic chemistry to create an extensive range of aromatic chemical compounds.

We also manufacture to custom requirement.

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wychem celebrates 50yrs

Our Products

Our products are widely used in pharmaceutical, electronics and other speclialised industrial market applications

pharmaceutical applications
electronics applications
fine chemical manufacturing

Our Expertise

We provide cost-effective and competitive capitalisation with know-how over a wide range of chemical reaction technologies.

Our small, highly skilled team is flexible, responsive and adaptive to customer requirements

The quality of our products has earned Wychem an international reputation.

Our Facilities

Our comprehensive product list includes almost 2000 aromatic compounds.

We also offer custom manufacturing of organic intermediates in exclusive conditions on a confidential basis.

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  • Halogenation
  • UV Bromination
  • Diazotization
  • Oxydation
  • Reduction
  • Esterification


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